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Beef Shares Available 

We have whole, half, and quarter beef shares available for mid May delivery. 
Grass Fed Grain Finished

Deliveries in Columbus and surrounding areas.


K and T's Family Farm 

Hay and Beef 



Our little piece of paradise is our sanctuary! We love working with our animals and the land.  Our family has been farming since before we can remember so it's in our heritage and in our blood.  We've been here since my dad started his own dairy in 1970.  Back then we milked Golden Guernseys.  Times have changed and so has the farm.  We now sell the hay that the Guernseys used to eat and we raise beef cattle on the lush pastures that they used to graze.

We would like to share the profits of our endeavors with you and your family.  We'd like you to benefit from the hard work and caring touch we have lent our farm!



Working the land we love!

Get to Know Us

We produce and sell Hay and Straw

”You can’t make hay if the sun don’t shine!”-Mr.Dave 

Animals of all types enjoy our mixed grass hay!!  We’ve sold to all types of farms from horses to goats and everything in between!!  Our response has been exceptional!  Many people have given our hay the finest reviews and, more importantly, many of our customers keep coming back for more…..

      *I’ve never gotten a bad bale" - Lentz       

*My horse won’t eat any other hay "- Ashley

We believe this success is due to the hay comes first mentality my father instilled in us!!  Back when the Guernseys relied on our hay to produce the finest quality milk and we relied on that milk to produce the almighty milk check we learned a valuable lesson….. Great hay makes happy cows AND happy cows make bigger milk checks!!  Therefore, when the hay is down everything else is secondary!

Long hot days in the straw field!

When will you bale straw??  Is a common question people ask us……  the answer…..

The hottest, most humid miserable day of the summer!!

Typically, we bale right around the 4th of July, and it is one hot, sweaty job!!  Our neighbor combines the wheat, and we bale up the straw!  We fill up our barn and share what we don’t use with our customers!

We also produce and sell Home Grown Beef

                             "F'in delicious!!"-Hoffman                    "Sign me up next time"-Susan
From bottle to finishing, we strive to produce the finest quality beef.  Our cattle start in the barn on bottles and finish up grazing the lush pastures once reserved for our Golden Guernseys!  We strive to give them the best care and best natural foods possible because happy cattle produce the best meats!



Mixed grass hay and Wheat straw. Starting at $5 / Bale

Fresh beef offered by the whole, half, or quarter. Starting at $4/pound hanging weight. 

Beef Form

Streamline your grazing needs with expert advice


Kiup & Todd 
Phone: 614-348-1976

About our Beef


"F'in delicious!" 

About our Hay


"I’ve never gotten a bad bale"

About our Hay


“My horse won’t eat any other hay.”
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