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Hay and Straw

We produce hay and straw of the best quality.  We have been in this business for the last 50 years. We take the time to make each cutting at the right vegetative stage. We are very serious about the weather forecasts. Remember, ”You can’t make hay if the sun don’t shine!”.  We start the hay season the middle of May and we extend to the end of September. This allows us to make three cuts of the finest mixed grass hay. Our mixed grass hay  consists of Timothy, Blue Grass, Tall Fescue and Clover(Red and White).  Our straw comes from baling our neighbors' productive wheat fields.

*We sell our 1st cutting Hay at $5/bale and our 2nd and 3rd cutting at $6/bale. Our straw is selling at $5/bale.

Our Quality Hay and Straw


Our hay comes from our mixed grass field. Our fields have been fertilized for years with organic matter that the cow manure provides. 


Animals of all types enjoy our mixed grass hay!!  We’ve sold to all types of farms from horses to goats and everything in between!!  Our response has been exceptional!  Many people have given our hay the finest reviews and, more importantly, many of our customers keep coming back for more…..

      *I’ve never gotten a bad bale - Lentz       

*My horse won’t eat any other hay - Ashley

Kiup & Todd
Call or Text: 614-348-1976

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